Bordelaise Sauce….
With 'Stock Options'
Recipe - Catcher in the Wry
Keep Vampires Away
Peel Your Garlic
"God Sent Meat and the Devil Sent Cooks"
Grilling without Killing Yourself
Whether you’re using an outdoor gas grill or a charcoal grill to cook your steaks, chops or chicken it isn’t really “barbecuing”.  It’s grilling.
Exploding Pie 2
This is NOT the exploding pie - it's what the pie should look like when you follow the recipe.

The Non-Exploding Pie



The picture of the pie on this and my previous blog entry is not the “exploding pie”.  Rather, it is how the exploding pie would have looked if I hadn’t screwed it up.  It was an aesthetic failure and, simply, a god-awful mess because I was careless.  You can’t be careless when you cook.  I […]
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Photography by: Michelle Cyr Plumstead.  Do not use without permission.

Bake a pie or blog?



I’m broke. My restaurant went belly-up two months ago. My arthritis is giving me fits.  I have a chest cold. My older dog, Moses, has been dead for three days.  I’m an unemployed, achy,  snot-clogged, one-dog chef in his late fifties.   It is a wonderful day to bake a pie.   Actually, baking a pie […]
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